Our Happy Customers using Influencers
Why Zoyap ?
Influencer Sign Up
  • Build influencer profile page
  • Provide details about business
  • Set up Stripe payment
Provide Fee Details
  • Select fee for each booking
  • Fee can vary for class/event/deal
  • Fee can be in percentage
Get Listed as Influencer in Zoyap
  • Get approved by Zoyap
  • Get listed as Influencer in Zoyap
Vendor Posts a Class/Event/Deal
  • Post one time (or) session based class
  • Post summer (or) spring camp
  • Post free (or) paid events
Vendor Selects Influencer to Promote
  • Select one (or) multiple influencers
  • Check influencer fee
  • Submit for content approval
Influencer Checks and Approves / Declines
  • Influencer reviews content
  • Influencer approves content
  • Vendor notified upon approval
Influencer Emails (or) Posts Class/Event/Deal
  • Packages content for email distribution
  • Shares in Facebook (or) Instagram
  • Subscribers receive email (or) news feed posts
Parents Buy Class / Event / Deal
  • Click email (or) Facebook news feed to open
  • Check out details on Zoyap.com
  • Purchase class / event / deal
Vendor & Influencer Gets Payment
  • Influencer gets a small FEE for promotion
  • Zoyap gets a small FEE for posting
  • Vendor gets rest of the FEE
Zoyap Features to Highlight
Influencer Promotion
  • Support - Email Promotion & all other Social Media Promotion
  • Links provided to post on all social media from dashboard
  • HTML download for all email promotion
  • Choose your own fee to be paid by vendor for class/event/deal/flyer
  • Fee can be either $$ or in % or combinations of both
Management Dashboard, Analytics & Reporting
  • One dashboard to manage all (Class, Event, Deal, Flyer)
  • Statistics on number of user views per vendor
  • Bookings / Payment management
End to End Payment
  • Stripe secure payment processing End to End
  • Stripe credit card fraud prevention & protection
  • Payment Management on Dashboard
Email Marketing Setup
  • Email marketing setup help
  • HTML download for all email promotion
  • An influencer is someone who has: the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with his or her audience / followers / subscribers
  • Signup as an Influencer
  • Update Profile
  • Select category & Sub-category
  • Register in Stripe & create an account for payments
  • Any Individual or a Team or a Group or a Business who cater to kids or family based interests
  • Example: A School District (or) PTA (or) Facebook Group (or) Blogs (or) Instagram
  • Influencer sign's up with Zoyap and register's for their own stripe account
  • Influencer sign's up with Zoyap and register's for their own stripe account
    • Zoyap takes a small fee for its service
    • Stripe takes payment transfer fee for its service
    • Influencer takes a small fee for promotional service
    • Vendor gets rest of the payment in their stripe account
  • Influencers use all (or) either 1 of the media to promote
    • Email
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Youtube
    • Linkedin
    • Blogs
    • Twitter
  • Zoyap connects vendors with Influencers to Promote classes, events, deals and increase bookings
  • Influencer as well as Zoyap gets a small fee only when a Parent books a Class or Event or Deal
  • Zoyap facilitates Influencers to use Email or Facebook or Instagram to reach out to their subscribers and promote vendors business
  • No registration fee
  • No hidden fee's for using Zoyap Platform
  • Vendor's pay a small fee that you quoted per booking
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